Photography captures that special moment. 

Photography is a wonderful hobby. Skills are not only behind the camera but also in post processing as well.  These are some pics over the years.  Enjoy.

Checkout the galleries and timelapses. More to come soon.

Hiking the Camino

Walked close to 170 miles in Spring 2023.

Followed the Portugese Route starting in Porto Portugal and 10 days later arrived in Santiago Spain, the resting place of the apostle St. James.

It’s about the jouney not the destination.

Chicken Coop

Built this coop in late spring of 2020 during the Covid shutdown. It was a great opportunity and challenge to build  this home for 5 chickens. Henhouse is 4×6 and the Run is 6×12 with extra room under the henhouse. The nesting boxes are my favorite. 


Sacred Heart Radio has been on the air in Seattle for the past 23 years. Thanks for your support and prayers.


I am so sad to have lost my dad Roman Belter to Mesothelioma Lung Cancer, on December 19 2021, just a month after turning 82. Roman was a loved father, husband, brother, grandfather and great grandfather.  There will always be a place in our hearts for his smile, laughter and stories.  Memorial TBD spring 2022.


Kodiak, Alaska

Porto Portugal



Fun with light.

Rocky Mountains

Vast, majestic and beautiful.  


Barber Motorcycle Museum has one of the largest collections in the world Consisting of 1600 bikes. Most times there are about  900 bikes on display. Amazing history.

Ron Belter von Roman

God makes the moments available. We need to stop and see the beauty he has in store for us.

Pulling out the camera over the years has been a joy. It’s a craft and learning is a delight.


Photograph not only what you see but also what you feel.

Ansel Adams

Remember that next time you pull out your camera or phone.

Ron Belter


Bath remodel



Tower antenna install



Vancouver Cruise



....747 foot tall tower -- going down

Sped up

Happy Guy

I change the site to a new look and it’s still in the editing phases.

Fan of all photos

Still working on them.

Crazy half the time.

Some older photos from the family album will be displayed and password protected. Coming soon. What great memories.

I have no idea who these people are

The power behind the picture

Albert Edwards

Sharp Shooter

Photographer and Videographer with ten years experience. General interest but with a special passion for photography with children.

Annie Philipps

Soft Touch

Our youngest photographer with only five years’ experience. She loves animals and her images are special. But also with a special talent for staged home and business images.

Gert Van Rowan

Out Of Africa

Our special import from South Africa. Great outdoors photographer for garden landscape, nature, buildings and mood photography.

Mark Brown

People Person

Our portrait specialist. Whether family photos for the album, or professional business portraiture, Mark will bring the best look forward.

Photographer Blog

Stories from the field